Finding Memeing

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We have now read about script analysis and read two plays.  So it’s your turn to try your hand at analysis!

A theme is a single sentence that expresses the central statement or lesson that the audience can gain from watching this play.  Themes apply to the specific play, but are also universal, lessons that apply to our daily lives.  So, while “Always listen to ghosts” applies to Hamlet, it doesn’t necessarily apply universally to all our lives. 

A meme is a symbol ofan idea that consists of a background image and related text.  

  • You will create two memes that express the theme of each play, A Raisin in the Sun and Andre’s Mother, one image for each play.  
  • Please submit either links to your images or the images themselves in a word document.
  • Also include a description of your meme, how you came up with the idea, and how it relates to each play.  The combination of image and thematic statement you choose will create an overall message about how you see the play.  This justifying paragraph should be 200 words minimum for each meme.
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