Art Essay 2

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Final Essay

What is Art to Me?

Essay Prompt:

Throughout the semester we have seen that Art acts in response to and as a precursor to cultures, societies, and global issues. Art speaks to the identity of people. What kind of Art defines you? What kinds of contemporary themes are most relevant to you? Which artists do you find particularly engaging? Do they tell something about you, culture, or society? You will examine these questions in your final essay, “What is Art to Me?”


• 2-3 pages (Length is Without Included Images), 12 point font, double spaced.

• Works Cited page required for all sources and images. 

• MLA Format. 


Choose two or more Artists. Find at least three examples of each artist’s work. This can include: pictures of artwork, videos, interviews, books and online articles accessed via library resources, exhibition catalogues, and other online resources. Be sure to cite these sources correctly. 

Depending on the artists and themes you choose to highlight. You may consider this paper to be more of an exhibition review. Review sources such as or The New York Times for examples of an exhibition review. You may also use your textbook as a general guide or source. You may use information from your Form/Content paper and discussions. This essay could also be comparing artists or art. Whatever your choice, be creative in your responses and utilize resources for citations. 

You may wish to describe each artists work according to the following criteria:

• Themes

o How does the work apply to culture and society?

• The Visual Elements and Principles

o How does the form work with the content?

• Media 

o Does the media best support the concepts portrayed?

• Art in Time

o How does this work fit into the history of Art? 


Articulate your appreciation for Art by discussing its context in culture and society.

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