Developmental Issue Blog

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**No Plagiarism…this is a critical assignment for the course and I need to pass it in order to pass the class**

For the critical assignment, you will be synthesizing information from all of the course readings, and utilizing the blog resources below, in order to create the Developmental Issue Blog. 

***To begin, select a developmental issue that you could address as a professional educator in an school setting. You could be a teacher, counselor, psychologist, or administrator. The blog topic should address an academic, career, or personal/social issue. 

(The topic you will be writing about is Physical development in Adolescents)

Research the topic and create a blog on the topic with helpful suggestions for parents, students, and teachers. Include graphics, pictures, and videos in your blog. Finally, provide some additional links to other reputable websites that discuss the topic or provide resources related to your chosen topic.

This blog assignment will be graded using the rubric connected with this assignment and on the following elements:

In your blog please Include:

1. Accurate information on topic supported by peer-reviewed research 

2. Suggestions for parents, students, and teachers on dealing with the issue 

3. Graphics, pictures, videos to add visual interest

4. Links to other sites for more information related to the topic (be sure these links provide accurate information and are associated with reputable sources) 

5. Evidence that the blog addresses theories of human development, learning, and motivation for your focus age group and how culture variations can affect our understanding of these theories.

*Resources to create the blog*

How to Create Your Own Blog using Wix

Video – Create Your Own Beautiful Blog

Please reference the textbook and the attachments to use as sources for the blog.

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