User Interface Design (Create A Video)

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Review two user interfaces that you encounter in daily life. 

  1. One of them should be a software interface (library application, a gaming interface, banking software etc.)
  2. The other should be an ordinary object, not a software (phone, TV, printer, ATM, vending machine, etc.)
  3. Pick a specific software and an object, not a category. Not just a phone, a specific model (Samsung Galaxy S9 for example). You can take a picture of the object and add to your assignment. I would strongly suggest to add an image.
  4. Pick an item that has some complexity to it. Not a hairdryer with a single on/off button. It does not have to be extremely complicated either.
  5. Explain the positive and negative aspects of the interfaces. Be descriptive. Not just, it is hard to use or I really like the button. What could be done to improve usability? What makes it hard to use? Does it require training to use?

You will produce a video review for this assignment. Keep your video review under 15 minutes.

Assignment will be graded based on the quality and depth of the reviews.

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