Latin American Corruption Culture And Its Prominence In The Lack Of Education How It Would Be Seen By A Philospher.

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  Please talk about corruption in Dominican Republic specifically and the rest of Latin America why it is in elevated in countries where there is a a lack of education. how would any philosopher see this. 

Corruption in Latin America is a topic I hold close because I come from one of the most corrupt countries, Dominican Republic. The corruption and audacity executed by our government is insulting, not only to the Dominican individual but also to International relations. However, these high corruption schemes are observed throughout Latin American countries and it goes hand in hand with education and poverty levels in said country. 

Throughout this paper I would like to explore three to five of the top corruption countries in Latin America and my attempt at understanding how Aristotle may interpret how corruption has risen in these countries in last 100 years. Aristotle was an empiricist who’s views argue that knowledge comes from senses and traditions, I’ll intend to explore that this plague of corruption is intertwined amongst countries. 

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