Principles of Business

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Principles of Business
Term Paper


Students may choose the topic of their paper. It must be on a business related subject. Choose a topic you feel is interesting or which you have personal experience. Topic must be pre-approved by the instructor. Email your topic to me as soon as you have selected it. I will email back my approval or discuss with you any objections I have. You may change your topic at a future date, just be sure and keep me informed.  Papers shall be submitted in a word file or a plain text file attached to an email.

Paper guidelines:

Your paper should be an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge on a business related topic. Use your paper as a tool. Perhaps a problem at work can be researched. Maybe to investigate a business career. Or perhaps a section of the text will spark your interest. Successful papers use knowledge level information attained in the course as the building blocks for higher level abstract thinking and problem solving.

Font sizes: 12

Spacing: Double

Length: 3-5 pages

Outside sources must be identified by footnotes or identified within the body of the paper.

Table of contents: not required 

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