AT&T Marketing Plan

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Due Date Saturday August 24, 2019 at Noon PST

AT&T Marketing Plan

Research, analyze, and create a 3-page minimum marketing plan sections described below for AT&T.

SafeAssign will be used to check for originality

Situation Analysis:

Using the sections below, analyze the competitive market, the company’s targeted market segments, and how your company’s capabilities stack up to the competition.


§ Market Summary: Describe, in detail, the target market segments by determining their segment size, segment needs, segment growth, and segment trends. Using more detail to describe these market segments will prove to be beneficial as a basis for the marketing strategies and tactical programs presented later in your marketing plan.


§ SWOT Analysis: Include the sections described below.


o Strengths: In this section, list and describe your company’s internal physical and financial capabilities that can enable it to reach its stated objectives.

o Weaknesses: In this section, list the internal elements that may prevent or slow your company’s ability to achieve its stated objectives.

o Opportunities: In this section, list the external and potentially profitable areas in which your company may find an interest in which to target, engage, and perform.

o Threats: In this section, list the external and potentially unfavorable trials that can negatively affect your company’s business model and competitiveness.


§ Competition: List your company’s main competitors and describe what positions they occupy in the market in which your company wishes to compete. Also, this section is where you should provide a summary of the competitors’ strategies.


§ Product Offerings: Review the company’s products or product lines and identify their main features.


§ Distribution: Describe and provide an overview of each of your company’s product distribution channels.

Your assignment will be a minimum of three (3) pages in length. Ensure that you introduce AT&T, identify each section with a heading in your assignment. You should reference at least three sources to support this section of your marketing plan. SafeAssign will be used to check for originality

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