Discussion #1: Corporate Restructuring

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Research the topic of Corporate Restructuring. Be sure to cite your research references in APA format.
* What is corporate restructuring?
* Why would corporate restructuring be necessary if a firm has been properly managed?
* How can restructuring help with strategy execution?
* Give examples of restructuring from your own work experience and/or from your readings?
* What worked and/or did not work well in the restructuring?
* What were the impacts of the restructuring on the organization and its customers?
After reviewing your classmate’s postings, respond based on the following:
Was their posting about clearly supported? Why or why not? If so, what did you particularly find interesting in their posting? If not, what would you add to enhance their posting?
Your posts to your classmates might consist of: Did you find something interesting that your classmate said that you didn’t think about? Did you have any follow up questions to your classmate’s postings?
To submit your post to the Discussion select “Start a New Thread”, and type or paste your posting to the question. After reading your peers post, select “Reply to Thread”.
Please note: This Discussion and all the graded discussions in this course are “Must Post First”: After you have made your first post – you then get the benefit of seeing what your fellow students answered while going through the same discussion exercise. Then you can provide feedback comments
You must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads
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