Intelligence Mission Report

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Intelligence Mission Report


You will select an intelligence target (Al Qaeda) and will assume the role of an intelligence desk officer.

Your mission is to identify and report on the selected target’s organization, tactics, capabilities, and threat to the United States.

To accomplish this mission you must determine what intelligence is required, how it will be collected (covert and or overt), and the intelligence collection assets that will be required to accomplish the mission.

Through research online and other sources you will collect the required intelligence and then evaluate and analyze the information obtained.

You will then produce a final written intelligence report to include your method of collection and overview of the target’s organization, tactics, capabilities, and current threat.

In addition to the written text, the intelligence report must contain photographs, maps, and/or charts related to the findings on the selected target.

Remember that your intelligence report must provide a proper introduction, body, and conclusion.


The Intelligence Report will be 15-20 pages of research in addition to space used for photographs, maps, and/or charts. It should be in current APA Format. It is your responsibility to consult the APA manual and ensure proper formatting. Your assignment will be checked for Plagiarism using SafeAssign. Please follow the additional specific guidelines listed below:

Cover/ Title


Include the name of the intelligence mission, course title, and your


Abstract/ Body:

Use third person narration with appropriate formal language.

Reference Page:

Include at least five (5) scholarly references from publications or the


Please do not use Wikipedia as a source.

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