Philosophy Eassy

Using one of the two prompts below, write an essay (approximately 1000 words).  Read the grading rubric BEFORE writing so that you are sure to address all four elements of the grading rubric.  Your essay MUST be submitted in one of the following formats (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf).  Failure to do so will count as a NON-SUBMISSION.  This also means that you cannot type the essay directly into ecampus.  YOU MUST SAVE YOUR ESSAY IN ONE OF THOSE FORMATS AND ATTACH IT TO THE LINK ABOVE (Where the word “Essay” is underlined above.) If you do not know what this means or how to save your work as one of those files, see me or email me immediately.  Not knowing how will not be an excuse to allow late work.  The essay will go through software that will test for plagiarism.  Be sure that when you write your essay you do not use material from other sources without citing them.  Doing so is cheating and grounds for a 0.

Write your essay as if you are writing to a friend who missed class on the day this was discussed.  There is no bibliography or works cited page required. You may write in first person or even write the essay as if it were a letter to your “friend” from class.

Note: It is very important that you visually check that your essay was submitted correctly.  After submission you must log out, log back in, go to “my grades” and click on the ungraded assignment.  You should be able to view the “SafeAssign” report and your essay.  If the file is corrupted or empty, you must notify me immediately.  I will not allow you to re-submit if there is a problem with your submission and you did not find this BEFORE the deadline.


1. Is it rational to believe something when you do not have sufficient evidence?  Explain and evaluate your position.

2. Explain and evaluate the theory of mind known as “Identity Theory.”

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