For Each Job Duty Mentioned Below Please Write The Following:

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For each Job duty mentioned below Please write the following:
· Specific Tasks, Methodologies, and Applications of Knowledge Required:
· elaborate each  job duty with respect to the  course work mentioned below.
· Justify course with the job duty and how it is really necessary to perform above job duty.
Job duty 1:
Interpret data models based on Dimension and Fact Tables from different Data Marts, and on the granularity of the data extracted from different sources.
Course studied: 
1.Survery Programming languages, 2.Networking technologies
Job duty 2: 
Design and develop report solutions (Schema & Public Objects) utilizing MicroStrategy as the reporting tool and SQL Server and AWS as the source systems.
Course studied: 
1. Computer application in Business 2. Data base Mangement systems
Job duty 3:
Support local and offshore teams with RTBs assignments, as well as report fine tuning and troubleshooting.
Course Studied:
1. Organization dynamics 2. Computer security

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