Outline for myth of Latino immigration

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Hi! Please help me to come up with one general myth towards Latino Immigration for example, Most Mexican in America are undocumented immigrants, you may use this as the myth or you may come up with the myth related to the illegal immigration, and please help me to generate the argument and three evidences. The essay should be refute that myth, so please help me come up with the argument(thesis) and find three evidences from the following readings to support my argument.  

Please follow the instruction I posted and don’t go far away from the class readings and handout, cause all the citations need to from my class sources. The documents I posted include: four class readings, one outline sample, one grading rubric. 

Use full sentence structure in the outline. 

If you have any question, please let me know, thank you !

 The following link are also the class reading sources you may cite

Ap statement on “illegal immigrant”


Perspective from an immigration lawyer-


2018 doj statement on “illegal aliens “


Nyt on language around ill imm

The Heritage Foundation (conservative think tank) editorial



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