You must answer the following questions in your midterm paper!

Policy Framework – Answer the following questions in your paper)

1. Identify problem or issue (be specific)

a. Create a problem statement (frame the problem in a way that lends itself to potential policy solutions)

b. Synthesize data on the characteristics of problem or issue

i. burden of people affected (how many people it affects)

ii. frequency (how often)

iii. severity (how serious the problem is)

iv. scope (the range of outcomes it affects) * (does it cause or contribute to cancer, stroke, heart attacks, obesity, etc.)

v. identify the economic impact

vi. identify any gaps in data

2. Identify and describe appropriate policy solutions

a. Assess policy options

i. Research possible policy options and include at least two of them in your paper. If only one policy option exists, include it and state that there are not any additional policy options. If no policy options currently exist, state this and make policy recommendations. If policy options exist, but are not included, students will have points deducted.

ii. Review literature on topic and cite, survey best practices, and do an environmental scan to understand what others are doing. In other words, find out what programs, policies, regulations, and/or laws exist to address this issue, describe what is being done and by whom.

iii. How have these options impacted morbidity and mortality?

iv. What is the cost to implement these policies?

b. Prioritize policy option(s) 

i. Identify the policy you have selected to address your issue and state why. (Was it more financially feasible?  Did it have the highest impact on morbidity and mortality?) While you may include more than one policy option or strategy to address this issue, I encourage you to select one if possible.

3. Develop a strategy for adoption of a policy solution

a. Identify your strategy for getting the policy adopted and how the policy will operate

i. Identify key stakeholders and your strategy for engaging them (stakeholders can be companies, organizations, schools, non-profits, students, parents, etc.)

ii. Describe how the policy will operate and what was is needed for policy enactment (financial resources, stakeholders, incentives, standing order from a physician, etc.)

iii. Describe what you believe the short-term and long-term impacts of this policy will be.

Read page 15 of this.  It outlines policies to address the economic issues you have in your paper.  It’s not that people don’t want to work.

Keisha Antoine , Oct 25 at 6:44pm :

I’d like you to work on resubmiting this.  The data is okay, but I think you need to focus on either adults or college students?  Since so much of your paper is focused on issues related to adulthood, I think you should focus on adults.  You need to add some detailed information about your target population to your background data.  I think you are on the right track with regard to the reasons why AA are struggling with mental illness.  Everything falls apart with regard to the policy section.  You have to select and write about 2 policies that address the issues you’re talking about, then you have to say which one you’d like to implement.  You only need to select/prioritize one policy!!!!  Then you must say who would implement it.  When we are talking about broad economic policies that would be needed, you are likely talking about policies on a federal on state level.  Again, read page 15 of the attachment and rewrite the policy section.  After doing this correctly, you will be able to know  or find what the cost would be to implement them.  You will also know it’s impact on morbidity and mortality

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