PHI 2010

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I need all the answers that come out of the pages of the book that I am giving you and that are listed in the answers please.

1)Textbook Assignment

Read pp. 212-224, Existentialism and the Meaning of Life. Answer the following:

1. What is ‘existentialism’? Which philosophers are existentialists that you read about?

2. What belief did Kierkegaard hold that was different from the other philosophers discussed in the chapter? How can he hold this belief and still be an existentialist?

3. What does ‘will to power’ mean? Which philosopher coined this phrase?

4. What does ‘existence precedes essence’ mean? Which philosopher coined this phrase?

5. What does Sartre mean when he says we are ‘condemned to freedom’?

2)Reflection Log

Now that you have read about existentialism, do you believe you are an existentialist? Why or why not? Discuss your views fully in at least a paragraph.

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