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I have been tasked to evaluate the Flywheel and Doom Loop organization performance concepts. It is first important to understand what the difference of the Flywheel and Doom Loop are. The Flywheel organizational performance concept is basic one of planning and patience. Understanding that nothing of big benefit will happen immediately and planning, research, and patience will prevail. The book Good to Great explains that the Flywheel is build up and break through system that is successfully run by the mode of step by step, action by action and decision by decision. Completing tasked one at a time and ensuring that are done in a timely manner and have a successful product. The Flywheel perception is a goal oriented mentality.  They are determined and do not let anything stop them in reaching their goals.  They have a drive that is set in place so that it gets the ball rolling in a way to harvest the changes needed for success. 

The different concept would be the Doom loop that is the idea of just let things happen and we will hope for the best. As the reader can see, this could have some horrible consequences to the business and the personnel in the business. In this concept, there is no special and careful planning. On the other hand, the “Doom Loop” is defined as people chasing trends that emerge. They follow these trends without a caring about the consequences because that is what is in at that particular moment. There are organizations or groups that get stumped with memberships or subscriptions.  Therefore, when they get a decrease they change the rules and advantages about becoming a member so that the people would be enticed to join.  We see this around us in many companies on a daily basis. 

There is a Hedgehog concept that merges, directs and controls the direction they should take that will increase the energy and momentum needed for success (Collins, 2001). The style used in the leadership are different at many companies and organizations I have had experienced with by working there, interacting with or hearing about. Such companies like Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonald’s or Bojangles are always in the same spot selling their food and the other food trucks in the area I reside sells the same food and is always at different locations every day.  Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonald’s or Bojangles have the advantages of the flywheel mode because they are stable and cautious.  The food trucks may encounter doom loop mode because they may not be stable.  Many companies fall in to the doom loop when they do not manage their companies effectively.  Moreover, mistakes come along with the learning process and they must be able to adapt and change for the better and not fall into the same mistakes over and over again.  When delegating responsibilities, one has to make sure that each individual is given the correct task to accomplish and that they are equip and that they are capable to execute the specific task. The companies have to follow certain protocols to reach success (Collins, 2001).  Every company has to learn from their mistakes and establish realistic goals and milestones that they want to reach in order to achieve success. They have to be realistic and not go by feelings and emotions. It is essential for one’s success to always keep the safety of the public first and foremost.  Even though these are food trucks, is it equally as important as if it were homeland security.  Homeland security is always adapting and changing to protect and be effective in the times that they are living and the events that are occurring around them, they take the circumstances and adapt so that they can effectively protect the country (Meese & Ortmeier, 2010). 


Collins, J. (2001). Good to great: Why some companies make the leap and others don’t. New York, NY: Harper Collins.

Meese, E., & Ortmeier, P. (2001). Leadership, ethics, and policing: Challenges for the 21st century. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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