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While working at a fast food place, I didn’t know how many laws they were breaking while working there, however, as I look back, I recall that we had the five-second rule. If a piece of food was dropped, we had five minutes to picked it up, we dipped in the fryer and it was perfectly fine to package it and give it to the customer. I knew it was wrong, however, I did as I was told. “FDA is responsible for the safety of food and any substance that is applied to the human body” ((EPA, 2018). The responsibility is to, protect the public health by making sure that food is safe. “The public health by assuring that foods (except for meat from livestock, poultry and some egg products which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture are safe, wholesome, sanitary and properly labeled” (EPA, 2018). The business was not in compliance with the FDA, they eventually got a whistleblower, and the business was shut down.

I believe that environmental regulations help businesses be in compliance. If the business knows that they might get fined if a certain regulation is not followed, they will try their best to stay on top of it. In a way, I personally believe that it’s a good way to make sure businesses are doing what they are supported to do and follow the rules. In return, they will have peace of mind knowing that they are in compliance if an audit were to occur.


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