Analyzing Leadership Decisions Outline

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For this Project (listed below) develop a 2-page outline of your proposed topics and subtopics. Then, identify the decision-making processes used, or any additional factors that might have led to ineffective decision making. Be sure to critique any processes used. Next, describe and justify two to three recommendations for different approaches that could have been taken. Lastly, identify potential theories that may be relevant to your Portfolio Project topic.

Final Project Description:

Analyzing Leadership Decisions

For this option, your final Portfolio Project is a thoughtful analysis of an ineffective or poor leadership decision. You may use a well-known leadership decision, such as the 2011 decision to split Netflix, which resulted in serious financial losses for the organization. Your project must include the f


  • Research      a leadership decision that was ineffective or did not have the desired      results.
  • Describe      the problem that may have precipitated the decision, as well as the      apparent processes used by the leaders involved in the decision-making      effort. Use terms from this course.
  • Critique      the processes they implemented, applying what you learned from this      course.
  • Recommend      a different approach that could have been taken, using theories and      methodologies from this course.
  • Present      a strong case for how your recommendations could have altered the decision      made, leading to more effective results for the organization.
  • Use      theory from this course to support your evaluation, critique, and      recommendations.

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