Application of Evidence-Based Literature

Application of Evidence-Based Literature
30 points Two or more quality references from professional literature cited that clearly support your rationale
( 28–30 points) Two references cited, but information in reference may be biased or not directly relevant to your rationale
( 25–27 points) Only one reference cited that is directly relevant to rationale
( 23–24 points) No references cited or one reference cited that is not relevant to rationale
(0–22 points) / 30
10 points Includes a statement about the problem, the population at risk for this problem, and the major factors that contribute to the problem
(9–10 points) Summary lacks reiteration of identified problem or population at risk or contributing factors
(8 points) Summary lacks two or more of the following: reiteration of identified problem, population at risk, and contributing factors
(7 points) Summary unsatisfactory or not completed

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