Assigning, Delegating, Supervising, and Prioritizing CareCompetencyIntegrate leadership and management principles and attributes in nursing practiceScenarioYou are assigned to six patients on the medical surgical unit working with a LPN/LVN and share a CNA with another RN. You are receiving report for your patients and need to identify what activities you will be assigning, delegating, supervising, and prioritizing for the shift.InstructionsClient number 1: 50-year old male who had a heart attack and stent placed with normal vital signsClient number 2: 46-year-old female with full-thickness burns to the leg who needs to have dressings changedClient number 3: 33-year-old male firefighter who has fallen and broken his right femur after surgery with pain in his legClient number 4: 18-year-old male with wheezing and labored respirations unrelieved by an inhalerClient number 5: 74-year-old female with new onset dementia awaiting lab resultsClient number 6: 52-year-old female who has been recently diagnoses with diabetes type 2 and is getting dischargedDescribe the patients you will be assigning to the LPNDescribe the care that you will be delegating to the LPN and CNAList the interventions that you would want to supervise for the LPN and CNAList the clients and care from the highest to lowest priorityProvides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.Nursing