Business & Finance

#1Scenario 1: Types of Culture

Considering the four different types of organizational culture described in Management, answer the following questions:

1. Which type of culture most closely describes the culture at your organization (or an organization with which you’re familiar)? 

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2. What are the pros and cons of the culture? 

3. What are your recommendations for improving the culture in your organization?

4. What are the specific components of each level of organizational culture? 

5. How do employees at your organization learn about the culture? 

#2 Scenario 2: Organizational Structure

Locate the organizational chart for your company or one for which you would like to work. Compare the chart to the structures defined in the textbook to determine the type of structure your organization most closely resembles. Answer the following questions:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this structure? 

2. How does the structure contribute to helping your organization achieve strategic goals? 

3. What does the chart say about the span of control? 

4. What are your recommendations for improving your organizational structure?

#3 Scenario getting started

Each company is different in how they approach leadership, risk taking, environment and just about everything. It all comes down to what makes up the company’s core foundation. This is where the company’s culture comes into the mix, Company culture is comprised of the following:

· Beliefs about how business ought to be conducted

· Values & business principles of management

· “How we do things around here”

· Official policies

· Traditions

· Approaches to stockholder relationships

· Company politics

· Peer pressures . . . Taboos & political don’ts

· Oft-told stories illustrating company’s values

· Ethical standards

Anyone have any additional traits or characteristics of company culture?

#4 Watch the “Change: More Pain than Gain?” video.

Evaluate in 2 to 3 sentences the performance of the manager in addressing the concerns of his employees. What could he have done differently? Limit your response to 150 to 300 words, demonstrate understanding of and cite the required readings or other credible sources that you apply, and look for opportunities to engage with and learn from others.

#5 As you begin to review this video, consider the following questions for your responses.

 What are the driving forces in the video? What has changed to cause the issue?

#6 any topic in chapter 8 or 9

#7 any topic in chapter 8 or 9

#8 any topic in chapter 8 or 9