The final project for this class is a multimedia presentation to the mayor and city council of a city that is trying to entice a National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), or Major League Soccer (MLS) team to move to their city. You are the vice president of finance for a consulting firm that has been hired by the mayor and city council to give them a detailed analysis of what it would take to entice a team to move to their city. You are a member of the five person team that will conduct the analysis and make a presentation to the mayor and city council. Your responsibility is to provide the financial analysis for the project which includes the construction of a sports venue to accommodate the team.

For this assignment you will develop the capital budget which will become a part of your final project. Review the information on capital budgeting in your textbook. The numbers used in this assignment are to be a realistic estimate based on your research of similar projects. The capital budget should be done on a spreadsheet such as Excel. Provide at least one graph to help the mayor and city council better understand the elements of the capital budget.

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