Eye Fixation Patterns

Write a summary of peer-reviewed article on eye fixation patterns



Long-Term Memory Article Review

Student’s Name: Samantha Turpin

Professor’s Name: Prof. Tuthill

Date: December 2, 2018

Long-Term Memory Article Review


The article reviewed in this essay is titled “adverse effects of GHB-induced coma on long-term memory and related brain function”. The authors define Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) as a drug that when abused, it leads to increase in the number of GHB-dependent patients as well as emergency attendances that are associated with GHB-induced coma. Studies that have been undertaken on animals have revealed that GHB is responsible for the induction of oxidative stress in the hippocampus, thus perpetrating impairments in the memory (Pereira et al., 2018). It should be understood that hippocampus is a brain part that is concerned with the short-term memory. Ideally, there cannot be long-term memory without short-term memory. The negative impacts of chronic use of GHB as well as GHB-induced coma on the functioning of human cognition and brain have not been identified through research (Pereira et al., 2018). This is a gap that this peer-reviewed article sought to fill.


The authors of the article conducted a cross sectional study to ascertain the impact of chronic use of GHB-induced coma and GHB use on the human brain functioning. In the research, the authors recruited 27 users of GHB who have at least four GHB induced comas (GHB-Coma), 27 users of GHB without coma (GHB-NoComa), and other 27 users of different drugs but have never used GHB (No-GHB). The authors ensured that the participants successfully completed spatial and verbal memory tests and appropriately encoded the associative memory when the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was taking place as a way of probing the functioning of the hippocampus (Pereira et al., 2018).


The data collected by the authors was analyzed the obtained results he authors recorded. The authors found that the group on GHB-Coma portrayed lower premorbid Intelligence Quotient (IQ) since the p value was 0.006 (Pereira et al., 2018). The performance of this group was poor on the test for verbal memory relative to the GHB-no Coma group that recorded a p value of 0.017. However, both groups yielded their respective results despite portraying similar education levels. Relative to the other two groups, the GHB-Coma ground indicated a lower left hippocampus (pSVC = 0.044) as well as the left lingual gyrus (pFWE = 0.017) activity (Pereira et al., 2018). The research revealed that there was a lower functional connectivity of the hippocampus with the left temporal cortex that was more superior in terms of the performance of the encoding disk task (pFWE = 0.017) of the associative memory (Pereira et al., 2018). However, the research revealed that there was insignificant distinction between the No-GHB group and the GHB-NoComa group.


From the results of the article, it was suggested that multiple use of GHB were associated with induction of comas, although lack of use of GHB is particularly associated with the differences in the working of the memory and brain that largely depends on memory. However, the causal link could not be obtained from the cross-sectional study performed by the authors. The results of the research revealed that there is need for public awareness regarding the negative health consequences of the use of GHB for related purposes of recreation, especially when it relates to comas that are GHB induced (Pereira et al., 2018).


Pereira, F. R., McMaster, M. T., Polderman, N., de Vries, Y. D., van den Brink, W., & van Wingen, G. A. (2018). Adverse effects of GHB-induced coma on long-term memory and related brain function. Drug and alcohol dependence190, 29-36.

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Human Growth And Development

 Please find below the instructions. The assignment must be submitted by the due date provided. Please note that it must be a minimum of 4 double-spaced typed pages.

 Please note that there is no partial credit for the assignment if it is not
        completed according to the instructions provided below.

 1. Start with a summary or synopsis of your (present self)  (how you currently see yourself) along the main dimensions of:

1. Career, 2. Family, 3. Friends, 4. Health & 5. Perceived Mental Health

2.  Now Project yourself 3-5 years into the future (casting a future self). If you were going to construct a future that was “optimized” yet “realistic”, that’s constructed to be best for you along the main dimensions of:
1. Career, 2. Family, 3. Friends, 4. Health & 5. Mental Health
3.  Discuss ways to realistically carry out these goals (using what you know, and also perhaps what you’ve learned in this class so far)
4.  Discuss what your life would be like if you didn’t carry out these goals as you had planned in 3-5 years along the same 5 dimensions of:

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Reaction Paper

Guidelines for Writing Reaction Paper

This reaction paper will convey your personal reflections on a particular topic presented within the semester.  

1.  It should NOT outline or exhaustively summarize textbook readings. 

2.  The length should be two-three pages (maximum). Double spaced following APA 6thEdition format for a paper.

3.  And should provide details on: 

     A. The most important lesson learned from the material in the selected topic

     B. Any thoughts generated by the readings, and 

     C. The most important issue NOT covered

Group Dynamics & Work Teams

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Prejudice And Discrimination PYSC515

 Week 6 Forum – Prejudice and Discrimination PYSC515



To what extent is prejudice a problem in your current environment? If you think it is a problem, what are some of the subtle—or even blatant—ways that prejudice is expressed? What are the most common forms of prejudice in your social or work environment (e.g., racism, sexism, ageism, basic intolerance for different points of view, etc.)? If you feel you are living or working in an environment without blatant or subtle prejudice to what do you attribute this bias-free environment? Have you ever suddenly realized that you were acting or feeling prejudiced toward another person or group? Were you surprised to discover this about yourself? Form some comments or opinions and share them with your classmates. As always, you are encouraged to be honest but respectful in sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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Need Worksheet done

TitleABC/123 Version X1
Week 1 Practice WorksheetPSY/315 Version 83

University of Phoenix Material

Week 1 Practice Worksheet

Provide a response to the following prompts. Utilize electronic readings for the week and our textbook to help you answer appropriately. Cite/Reference all sources using proper APA 6th edition format.

1. Explain and provide an example for each of the following types of variables:

a. Nominal:

b. Ordinal:

c. Interval:

d. Ratio scale:

e. Continuous:

f. Discrete:

g. Quantitative:

2. The following are the speeds of 40 cars clocked by radar on a particular road in a 35 miles-per-hour zone on an afternoon:

30, 36, 42, 36, 30, 52, 36, 34, 36, 33, 30, 32, 35, 32, 37, 34, 36, 31, 35, 20

24, 46, 23, 31, 32, 45, 34, 37, 28, 40, 34, 38, 40, 52, 31, 33, 15, 27, 36, 40

Create a frequency table and a histogram. Then, describe the general shape of the distribution.

3. Raskauskas and Stoltz (2007) asked a group of 84 adolescents about their involvement in traditional and electronic bullying. The researchers defined electronic bullying as “…a means of bullying in which peers use electronics {such as text messages, emails, and defaming Web sites} to taunt, threaten, harass, and/or intimidate a peer” (p. 565). The table below is a frequency table showing the adolescents’ reported incidence of being victims or perpetrators or traditional and electronic bullying.

a. Using the table below as an example, explain the idea of a frequency table to a person who has never taken a course in statistics.

b. Explain the general meaning of the pattern of results.

Incidence of Traditional and Electronic Bullying and Victimization (N = 84)
Forms of bullyingN%
Electronic victims4148.8
 Text-message victim2732.1
 Internet victim (websites, chatrooms)1315.5
 Camera-phone victim89.5
Traditional victims6071.4
 Physical victim3845.2
 Teasing victim5059.5
 Rumors victim3238.6
 Exclusion victim3050
Electronic bullies1821.4
 Text-message bully1821.4
 Internet bully1113.1
Traditional bullies5464.3
 Physical bully2934.5
 Teasing bully3845.2
 Rumor bully2226.2
 Exclusion bully3541.7

4. Describe whether each of the following data words best describes descriptive statistics or inferential statistics. Explain your reasoning.

a. Describe:

b. Infer:

c. Summarize:

5. Regarding gun ownership in the United States, data from Gallup polls over a 40-year period show how gun ownership in the United States has changed. The results are described below, with the percentage of Americans who own guns given in each of the 5 decades.


a. Are the percentages reported above an example of descriptive statistics or inferential statistics? Why?

b. Based on the table, how would you describe the changes in gun ownership in the United States over the 40 years shown?

6. Refer to the Simpson-Southward et al. (2016) article from this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. Was this an example of inferential statistics and research or descriptive statistics and research? Justify your response.

7. Explain and provide an example for each of the following shapes of frequency distributions.

a. Symmetrical:

b. Skew:



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Copyright ©2013 by Pearson Education, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Used with permission.

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For Rey Writer

 Chapter 11 leisure activity

1. Complete the Big Five Personality Inventory found here. https://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/

2. Paste the results in your submission.

3. Explain your results. What do the terms mean?

4. Did they surprise you, or did it go along with what you think your personality is? Tell me why or why no

Application assignment

1. Watch at least one of the videos relating to personality: The psychology of your future self, Is there a real you?,  Who are you really? The puzzle of personality. I chose the psychology of your future self

2. Write a summary (250 words minimum) 

3. Why did you choose this video? What did you learn from it? How can you use this information to help you?

Chapter 15 leisure activity

1. Identify a behavior that is considered unusual or abnormal in your own culture; however, it would be considered normal and expected in another culture.

2. Suppose that you have a close friend or family member whom you are concerned about. 

3. What factors would be important in determining whether this person’s behavior falls outside the range of “normal”? Give examples.

 Application assignment

1. I want you to watch the videos within.


2. Write a summary: 500 Words this time

3. Answer the following questions:

     -Why did you choose these videos?

     -How do you think the individuals with these disorders feel? 

     -What impact does the disorder have on their life?

4. Type and submit as an attachment below

Chapter 16 leisure activity

Person-centered therapy is when a therapist provides empathic reflection and unconditional positive regard as the client discusses the problem.

How might elements of this type of therapy be useful for everyone to practice outside of therapy? Be sure to include specifics in your explanation. (It may be easier to choose a particular type of relationship to discuss: relationships with friends or loved ones, or with employers or employees)

Chapter 16 application assignment

1. Read the PDF  “Mental illness and reduction of gun violence and suicide: bringing epidemiologic research to policy” and “How The Loss Of U.S. Psychiatric Hospitals Led To A Mental Health Crisis” https://www.npr.org/2017/11/30/567477160/how-the-loss-of-u-s-psychiatric-hospitals-led-to-a-mental-health-crisis

2. Write a summary (250 words minimum)

3. In addition to your summary, include information  about whether or not you believe that the closing of mental institutions led to an increase in the mass shootings in the last decade. You can just write on your opinion. However, if you include information from ANY OTHER SOURCE you must cite that in your summary. Also, be aware that many sites present information in favor of this idea one year then in opposition to it the next year (changing of political power). You will not be graded on the correctness of  your opinion, but you will be graded on critical thinking skills and the presentation of relevant information. 

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Assignment: Cultural Influences on Infant Development

Assignment: Cultural Influences on Infant Development

In your Discussion Spark this week, you began to consider how culture impacts infants’ social and emotional development. This is not an easy question with easy answers. In fact, the more you learn about factors that influence development, the more you may realize that development is incredibly complex! The influence of culture on development is no exception.

One specific cultural difference that emerges with respect to caring for infants in the first year is sleeping arrangements. In some cultures, such as the United States, putting together a nursery is a large part of the preparation that occurs as a couple awaits the arrival of a new baby. In a culture that values independence, having an infant sleep independently in his or her own room is highly valued. However, other cultures have a preference for parent-infant sleeping. In fact, over 90% of the world co-sleeps with their infants. (The United States is an exception to the norm!) How does this differential approach to infant sleep ultimately impact children’s social and emotional development? Research has shown that, despite the worry of co-sleeping critiques, children who co-sleep with their parents are not at a disadvantage either social or emotionally and are not overly dependent on their parents (Okami, Weismer, & Olmstead, 2002).

In your Assignment this week, you take a cross-cultural view of parenting in the first year. By watching the documentary Babies, you see the varied approaches that parents in the United States, Japan, Mongolia, and Namibia take to raising their infants. You view this documentary through the lens of what you have learned this week in the readings about social and emotional development in the first year and see the varied ways parents can differentially promote infant development.

To Prepare:

  • Watch the documentary Babies, focusing specifically on two of the four babies for this Assignment.
  • Consider each of your two selected babies’ social and emotional development and how it may be influenced by cultural practices or beliefs.

The Assignment (3–4 pages):

Write a paper in which you do the following:

  • Analyze the social and emotional development of your two selected infants in their cultures. How do their various cultural contexts shape the way their social and emotional development unfolds in the first year? In your paper, give specific examples that you noticed in the documentary. Interpret your observations through the Learning Resources or other scholarly resources.

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Signature Assignment

For this assignment, you will present a draft of your signature assignment paper due in week 8.  The purpose of this assignment is to gather feedback so that you can make improvements on your final submission.  You are expected to present a complete paper that meets all of the original assignment criteria.

For this assignment, choose a news story from the APA at http://www.apa.org/news/psycport/,  or search the Internet to select a credible news article that reports on a specific topic or issue from the field of psychology.  

In your critique explain the conclusions, implications and/or consequences of the information presented in the article. Speculate on the effect this information could have on real-world situations such as health care, political movements, economics, lifestyle, moral attitudes, and social belief systems, and supportthese assertions with specific evidence and detail from the article and what you learned in class. 

Do not:

Do not merely summarize or quote the article.  Be sure to select an article with some depth and substance so that you have enough material to evaluate. 


Read, analyze, and synthesize with objectivity and focus.

Write a critical consideration of the current information available about the subject matter presented in the article. Briefly and purposefully, summarize and analyze the article to create a unique and valuable piece of writing that evaluates current theories or work in the field of psychology. 

Review the literature with a focus on the hypothesis or main idea, address any scientific research mentioned, and analyze the results or premises presented.

Include the following in your critique:

  1. Identify and articulate the key issue(s) in the article in a brief and pointed summary.
  2. Identify information/evidence in the article that supports the point of view and conclusions presented in the article. Quote and paraphrase with internal APA citations.
  3. Identify background information relevant to the point of view and conclusions presented in the article.  Use prior knowledge and you may use your course materials.
  4. Identify strengths and weaknesses of the findings and conclusions presented.
  5. Explore and evaluate the issue(s) relevance to real-world problems and solutions.
  6. Clarify your own position, perspective, or hypothesis on the ideas presented in the article.
  7. Explain the conclusions, implications, and consequences of the article as it pertains to the field of psychology or the subject being addressed.

Your critique should be between 5-7 pages long, in addition to a title page and reference page.

Additional sources are not required, but you may choose to include them.  You may reference your text.

Use APA format to style your paper and to cite your sources. Your source(s) should be integrated into the paragraphs.  Use internal citations pointing to evidence in the literature and supporting your ideas.  You will need to include a reference page listing those sources.

Be sure to allow time for proofreading and editing.  

Review the rubric for more information on how your assignment will be graded.  

Due: Sunday 9, 2018 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time)

Points: 70

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As you have gathered in the previous weeks, social psychological insight is relevant to many fields. Some branches of social psychology are specifically focused on application.  In this discussion, we will consider practical applications beyond the scope of previous material.

To inform your thinking on this topic, begin by perusing The Stanford SPARQ Solutions Catalog (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..  Consider the recommended readings to gain additional insight regarding systematic application of social psychology to various fields.

Then, select an applied branch of social psychology:  psychology and law/forensic psychology, military psychology, health psychology, environmental psychology, etc.  Locate a peer-reviewed, empirical article (i.e., an article that describes a research study, not merely a theoretical review) written from your chosen field.  Summarize the theoretical background of the issue at hand and describe research methods used to investigate this phenomenon.  Explain the social variables that contribute to the thoughts, feelings, or actions under review.   Generate potential applications for the insight gleaned from the article you reviewed, and interpret application of social psychological insight to specific careers in this field.

Your initial post should be 500-1000 words in length and must contain a minimum of one scholarly, peer-reviewed reference, in addition to required course resources as applicable.  Additional credible references are encouraged.

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4 Page Health Transcript (For Pro Dan ONLY)

IImagine that you are working at a community health center as a health coach and a physician asks you to speak with a 15-year old female who has recently had difficulty taking her asthma medication as prescribed. 

According to the physician, her parents always administered her medication when she was a child, but they started involving her more in her self-management care about 2 years ago. She was doing well adhering to the regimen, but she reports that she has been forgetting over the past few months and doesn’t feel like taking the medication anymore. The doctor notes she has some symptoms of wheeziness, but otherwise, she seems to be fine. 

Write a transcript of a conversation you might have with her during the Engaging part of the process. Create comments in the margins to explain, using the track change feature in Word.   4  pages not including reference or title page APA style.   5 scholarly resources 

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