Phase 1

Usability Tests – design a usability test to conduct usability testing on a device or equipment used on daily basis.

The device can be any kind of interface device. Pick a specific device to evaluate and design a usability test for this device.

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Reference Chapter 5 Evaluation and the User Experience for assistance in designing the test.  Design your test to accommodate the Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design from section 3.3.4. Explain how your test will evaluate the user experience in regard to the Eight Golden Rules.

There should be 5 -7 pages in the body of paper with a minimum of 10 references.  7th Edition APA formatting required with appropriate headings, title page, table of contents, abstract, body and references. Computer Science homework help.


Phase 2

Project Phase 2: Usability Tests – Status Report.  Conduct a session with the device using your test created in Phase 1.  Report on the results of the test.

To complete this assignment:

1.- Download the file containing the instruction and requirements for this project. (the attachment – Document 10)

2.- Download the consent template.

3.- Select a device to be tested/evaluated. (see the sample list and choose one device)

4.- Follow the steps outlined in Document 10.

The group should use at least 2 to  4-individual to test the product  (friend or relative to conduct the test but be sure to use an adult in your testing and follow the informed consent guidelines for human research).  The informed consent form is attached and should be uploaded along with your paper.

There should be 15  pages in the body of the paper with a minimum of 10 references.  7th Edition APA formatting required with appropriate headings, title page, table of contents, abstract, body, and references.


NOTE: In the second phase of this project, the group will be submitting:

1. – The structure of the paper with all the section (The tile of each section)

2. – Deliverables Phase 2: The paper will include: The Title Page, The Abstract, The Introduction, The selected device to be evaluated, The 10-references from Peer-Reviewed Journal. The selected participants (Include “only” the code to each participant). Computer Science homework help.

3. – Signed consent form from each participant

NOTE 2: The final project will be completed in Week 13.


  • To complete this assignment, the following must be observed.

1. – Use only Peer-reviewed journals to research the above questions. (When Applicable)

2. – Adhere and apply properly the Basic Citation Styles of the APA (Use as a reference the APA Manual.).

3. – If you use another author’s ideas, concepts, and words, you need to cite the source and give credit to the author. Not citing in-text the source will be considered plagiarism, and you will receive zero (0) for your assignment.

4. – Do not copy and paste information from the Internet. (You will receive zero (0) for your Assignment).

5. – Late submission will not be accepted.

6. – This is a single submission. Late assignments will not be accepted. Check your work before submitting it.

7. – Use the Sample – APA – Paper provided as a guide to submit your assignment ( ” Check for grammatical errors”) .

7.1.- Observe the Paper Structure and Formatting.

7.2.- Make sure you observe “The Title Page and Structure.”

7.3.- References list must be per APA.

7.4.- Fill in the Certificate of Authorship located at the end of the paper.

Phase 3 – FINAL PAPER and PPT

Usability Tests and Final Report:  Must include:  APA Formatted Paper and  12-slides of Power Point Presentation.

Phase 3 will include Phase 1 and Phase 2 in a combined single paper.

Total paper 15 to 20 pages in the body of the paper with 30 references total.  This includes the 5 to 7 pages and 10 references each from Phase 1 and Phase 2.  (Phase 3 will have 5 to 7 pages with 10 references) 7th Edition APA formatting required with appropriate headings, title page, table of contents, abstract, body and references.  Computer Science homework help.