Based on your readings this week, how has your impression of informatics, especially nursing informatics, changed?

Nursing informatics is a science that integrates nursing knowledge with technology in order to enhance clinical practice and to improve health care delivery for our patients. For our first discussion topic, we are going to discuss your impressions of nursing informatics.  The course outcomes for week one are:

CO 1: Define key terms in informatics, healthcare informatics, and nursing informatics.
CO 2: Recognize the importance of synthesizing nursing science with computer, information, and cognitive sciences. 

Nursing informatics combines many technological and personal components.  Please reflect, based on your readings this week, how your impression of informatics, especially nursing informatics, have changed over time.  Do you remember when you were you first introduced to the concept of nursing informatics?  Did you believe nursing informatics was here to stay?

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Please remember to include evidence based research to support your posts, and, use the APA 6th edition format to cite and reference from the literature