Culture can influence how we perceive a situation. Alicia is a nurse leader for a unit where Masaya is working as an RN who recently graduated with a BSN from a university in The Philippines. After watching the scenario, describe how cultural differences have impacted the scenario. How could the leader intervene in this situation to assist Masaya to be successful in his new role? How could the leader intervene with the staff to be more accepting of diversity in co-workers?

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7. Becoming a part of a new team can be difficult at times. As a leader, how can you facilitate acceptance by team members for an employee who is new to your team?

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8. Preventing and resolving conflict is the responsibility of every nurse leader. Review the scenario where a leader and a staff nurse have a disagreement over an assignment. What conflict management strategies may be employed to bring this to a “win-win” resolution? Please describe.

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9. Assume you are employed as a nurse leader at a small healthcare organization/agency that does not have a nurse on staff who is an expert in evidence-based practice. How would you lead the charge to overcome this barrier and integrate EBP into the daily practice of your staff?

10. Review Appendix A, Sections I–V in Finkelman (2012, pp. 510–515). Select one of the sections and share how your chief nurse executive demonstrates expertise in these competencies.

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11. Describe one core measure OR National Patient Safety Goal that your work place is monitoring. Describe if you are meeting the standards.

If you are NOT working, describe a monitoring requirement imposed by a federal or state agency in which you are actively involved.