Discuss what data collection measure(s) were used by the organization.

Information in chart needs to be written in format similar to example in attachment.  Subject is change in process for billable claims.

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Submit a completed copy of the attached “QIA Form” in which you record data from your investigation in sections I–IV.

1.  Summarize what data you collected for each section (I–IV) of the “QIA Form.”

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a.  Discuss what data collection measure(s) were used by the organization.

b.  Analyze the appropriateness of the data collection measures, including whether the data supported the need for change.

2.  Discuss how the data collection measure(s) could have been improved, using master-level nursing and interprofessional standards.

D.  Analyze the effectiveness of the change project in the organizational setting by doing the following:

1.  Discuss how the change was evaluated for success after implementation.

a.  Discuss the effects the implementation has had on the organization and quality care outcomes.

2.  Evaluate whether stakeholders involved with implementation were successful in their roles.

3.  Discuss how the change project could have been improved to increase quality care outcomes.

E.  Summarize your involvement with the organization and/or stakeholders as you conducted your investigation.

F.  When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.Attachments:

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