Please cover a small section of grass in your lawn with an item that light cannot penetrate.  One foot by one foot is fine.  If you do not have a lawn, cover a few leaves on a houseplant (foil works well) or a bush outside.  Please be certain not to do this on somebody elses’ prized plants/lawn or on something like poison ivy.  Be sure to cover a spot that still gets sun this time of year.  After 3 days, make an observation about what has changed.  Then do the same after one week, and then 12 days.  At the end of the attached lab report (see below), record your observations and discuss what has happened in relation to the formula for photosynthesis (not just “it changed color”).  Also discuss whether or not and when the plant or grass received any water, average time in the sun per day, etc..  Use nearby grass or uncovered leaves as your experimental control.  Be sure to be thinking about the scientific method from the start.