Changing Attitudes in the Workplace

Several attitudes can be displayed in the  workplace depending on conditions, management style, personal issues,  and values. There are seven steps for changing attitudes in the  workplace. Refer to this week’s readings on the step-by-step process for  changing attitudes in the workplace. Now, read the following scenario:
You are a new manager in the department  (either major or desired management position). You discover that the  majority of staff members have a negative attitude, they gossip, and  have low morale. Many bring their home issues and problems to work.
Using the South University Online Library,  you may also research on the topics related to attitudes and perception  and write your response. Your response should be of at least three  pages.
Based on the above scenario and your research, answer the following questions in a Microsoft Word document:

  • Explain each of the seven steps, including the sub steps, with  detailed, specific examples on how you will effectively change negative  attitudes in your department.
  • What will you do specifically to turn your department around to a well-functioning team with positive attitudes?

Submission Details:

  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format.