Explore in detail by using a descriptive epidemiology approach

Please, use the attached Template for the assignment.

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Your assignment: Select one of the following health problems in the U.S.: diabetes, pancreatic cancer, unintentional motor vehicle injury, unintentional falls, asthma, measles, whooping cough, or melanoma skin cancer. Explore in detail by using a descriptive epidemiology approach . Write a succinct review, of 8-10 pages total in length using the Template provided.
Use the Template for Assignment attached and make sure to include all section headers as noted in this template (if a section is not applicable or you could not identify the information, state so). Your paper must include: title page, abstract, body and conclusion (at least 5 pages in length), and reference list (for a minimum total of 8 pages) and follow APA 6th edition writing style, format, and citations. Your assignment must also follow the ‘Model for Organization of Paper’ make sure to cover each of these sections as outlined in the Template provided!
A good review is well-organized, concise, clearly written, uses appropriate citations and references, and is reflective of solid understanding of epidemiologic language and concepts. Use at a minimum of five (5) scholarly, scientific references (peer-reviewed journals and scientific reports (CDC, NCI, etc.). Wikepedia, non-scholarly websites and newspapers are not acceptable references. You must also access and query a surveillance system / epidemiologic data to support your paper, and include data you generate in the form of tables/graphs as appropriate (not to take up more than 1 page). These may include: SEER, WISQARS, BRFSS, or NNDSS as appropriate to your topic.




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