The final project for this class is a multimedia presentation to the mayor and city council of a city that is trying to entice a National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), or Major League Soccer (MLS) team to move to their city. You are the vice president of finance for a consulting firm that has been hired by the mayor and city council to give them a detailed analysis of what it would take to entice a team to move to their city. You are a member of the five person team that will conduct the analysis and make a presentation to the mayor and city council. Your responsibility is to provide the financial analysis for the project which includes the construction of a sports venue to accommodate the team.

For this assignment you will develop a thorough proposal and outline for your presentation. Remember that your presentation must be at least 15 slides. Your proposal and outline must encompass the financial concepts that are covered in this course. Begin your proposal and outline by developing the thesis of your presentation. Describe the thesis then outline it. The outline must contain at least three levels of detail for each major element in the outline. End the outline by writing a brief conclusion which summarizes your presentation. The proposal and outline should also have a reference page with five or more references formatted in APA writing style. The proposal and outline will guide you through developing your presentation.

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