Healthcare Finance Experience

Assignment:Prepare and submit two stepdown
spreadsheets for this case to determine the cost per visit as follows:

Tutor: Healthcare Finance Experience

See attached

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allocating the cost of nursing, social services, laboratory, record-keeping,
administration and rent, utilities and cleaning to the Pediatrics, Family
Planning, Adult Medicine, Nursing, Mental Health, Social Services, Community
Health, and Dental Services Department. To check your work for accuracy you
should find that the cost per visit to Adult Medicine is a surprising $47.51
given its $11.00 fee


2.For this somewhat more realistic stepdown analysis, treat the
laboratory and social service departments as separate cost centers. Here the
social service department charges separately regardless of where it offers
services while the laboratory charges on an hourly basis. To check your work
for accuracy you should find that the cost per hour for the Laboratory is $8.77
(Well, it was 1975 after all!).


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