I have to write a story at A-A+ GCSE Level. I have chosen to write a story about child abuse where the boy gets rescued by social services and works with abused children when he grow up. I have this so far, can you please improve and finish it.

Tears full of pain and sorrow flooded down the scarred flesh of his pale, dejected cheeks. The boy sat rocking in fear, his long blond hair covering his morose, darkened features. Emotions flooded his head. Emotions he had never felt before. His pale blue eyes glimmered in the shadows. Responding to the iciness of the room, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. Up above, the sky threatened nightfall. But Jason wouldn’t sleep. He couldn’t. If he went to sleep, there was no telling if he would wake up…

That night, screams filled the house. Jason tried to block it out but the attempts failed. He just wanted to escape. The dreadful beatings continued for hours and he just couldn’t bear to hear his mum in this state. Time and time again, the crack of a belt buckle on naked flesh echoed around the decrepit house. Something snapped in his head. Jason ran for the door, trying every way possible to get out yet it proved impossible; it was locked from the outside. Collapsing in a pile on to the floor, an overwhelming flow of tears poured down his infuriated face yet again. Feelings of worthlessness crept into every grim corner of his nightmarish mind.

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