Identify and Describe Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession

The object I choose is one of photography from Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession advertisement ( Figure 1) in 2008 by Fabian Baron. The object shows a nude picture of Eva Mendes in black and white, swathed in a sheet. The image shows her flashing her nipple. Unlike other imaginary objects, this one is an actual photo and portrays all the parts of the body of the model (Candemir et al., 87)). The designer used an organic shape to bring out all the features keenly, and it has a smooth and natural feel. Since it is a real image, there are minimal complexities, as this is a photo of a real human being that has fewer artificial elements. The designers used curved lines making the image balanced and with a smooth flow and soothe. Identify and Describe Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession
The picture is clear, making it more sensual as the audience can easily capture all details. The vision is clear, and the use of black and white texture makes it more alive. The dull background brings forth the image of focus, and the audience can easily understand the specific elements to focus on. The saturation and value used across the object enhances its vibrancy and make it more appealing. The object’s shape, lighting, and form are all in harmony and make the image more attractive. As a nude image, black and white also hide what would otherwise be
revealed by color.


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The designer of the object is Fabian Baron. Fabian Baron is a creative director and fashion designer, well-known for his authentic work, especially in the commercial space. Fabian directed commercials for Giorgio, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Armani, Givenchy, and many others for a long time. He has directed popular documentaries, including Madonna’s sex documentary released alongside Erotica, and directed the music video that MTV banned that time. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Baron & Baron, Inc., an advertising agency that specializes in fashion,
cosmetic luxuries, and fragrance. Identify and Describe Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession
Despite his great work, he has been significantly controversial in his work. In 1992, he directed a music video that was banned due to its erotic nature (Chronaki, 268-278). In 2007, he designed an advert for Calvin Klein’s secret obsession, and the nudity of fashion model Eva Mendes raised controversies, and the raw advert could not air on TV. During the same period, the designer was asked to become the editorial director of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, and his decision to put Kanye West on the cover of the magazine also stirred controversies. Identify and Describe Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession