Journal prompt #1

Take some time to do a self reflection….. What behavior do I need to change for my health and welfare? What stage am I in and why?

How much do I want this change to take place? Have I been in this stage before? What will be different? What are my potential negative behaviors?

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You may do free writing based off these prompts, but organization, word choice, spelling, grammar will all be part of the evaluation.

What are some of the barrier to change that you have in your life that stop you from reaching a goal or goals?

Have you tried to change a behavior before and the same obstacle is in the way?

Is it the obstacle or is it your perspective?

What will you try to put in place to overcome these barriers?


Active Listening and Verbal Cues

Reflect on your listening. Do you passive listen? If so, when? Is it to a particular person or group of people? When are you actively listening? Does it take effort? What cues do you tend to use in active listening?

Has someone recently passively and actively listened to you? How did each make you feel?

Listen to someone trying to make a behavior change. Employ some active listening and reflect on how you did they active listening and how it was received.

Please write a minimum of 1 page on this week’s prompt in your journal.