Literature grounded analysis of a health policy issue

This assignment is an in-depth, literature-grounded analysis of a significant health policy issue. The final term paper is to be approximately 8–10 ten pages in length (excluding the cover page and list of references cited at the end); apply and cite at least nine (9) valid references. The final term paper must address the following ten (10) sections/elements outlined below:

1. Overview and Significance of the Healthcare Reform Policy (2010). Literature grounded analysis of a health policy issue

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2. History of the ACA Health Policy (Including Legislative Processes and Partisan Politics).

3. What are the current challenges associated with the ACA Law


4. Stakeholder Analysis
5. Healthcare Policy Options and Analysis of Trade-Offs

6. What are the current Healthcare Policy Recommendations

7. What are the Recommended Roles for Federal Government, State Government, and Current Markets.

8. What are the Implications of the Healthcare Policy Recommendations
i. Analysis of Population Health Implications
ii. Analysis of Economic Implications
iii. Analysis of Political Implications
iv. Analysis of Implications for Health Care Organizations
v. Application of Two Saint Leo University Core Values
9. Conclusion

10.References Cited

The Final Term Paper must also follow APA format including:

• Double-spaced
• 1-inch margins left, right, top, and bottom
• 12-point font

The cover sheet, table of contents, index, and reference page, will not count toward the 8–10 pages. Literature grounded analysis of a health policy issue

There is an APA Guide in the course home menu, under Resources. If you need further assistance with APA formatting and style, click on the Writing Format and Style Guides link. (This link will take you to the Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab.)

Submit the final Term Paper to Assignment Folder no later than Sunday 11:59 EST/EDT of Module 7. The final Term Paper Assignment folder is located in the Module 7 folder. This is a key program assessment; the results are used to ensure students are meeting program goals. Literature grounded analysis of a health policy issue