CLO: motivation theories and reward management techniques

The assessment is based on Individual Essay based on concepts related to CLO-1: Compare motivation theories and reward management techniques that influence employee behaviour and job satisfaction at work.
In CLO 1, you discussed motivational theories and rewards systems. Based on your learning and HCT library search, you are required to write:

  • a 1000 – 1300 word essay
  • (typed, 1.5 spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1-inch marking, not including figures, charts or reference list).
  • The essay should dig deeper to reflect on your learning. It must connect to academic concepts, theories, model, while critically examining your own understanding. You will be graded based on the below rubric.

You need to divide your essay into three parts:

  1. Introduction – Write a short introduction, which includes a summary of the CLO and the basic concepts of motivation and rewards. It should be no more than one paragraph. (5 marks)


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  1. Evaluation and Analysis                                                            (Total: 45 marks)


  1. Analyse any two motivation theories: One content theory and one process theory (8 + 8 = 16 marks). Describe the pros (at least 4) and cons (at least 3) of each theory (8 + 6 = 14 marks).                                                                                       (30 marks)
  2. Applying the motivational theories identified in part (a), suggest different rewards that organizations can apply to motivate employees. Ensure to discuss five rewards in association with each theory you mentioned in part 1. ((5 x 1.5) + (5 x 1.5) = 15 marks)


  1. Conclusion – This should simply reiterate your main points and conclusions. It should be no more than one paragraph.                                                                                                                            (5 marks)

Remember to properly cite your references and provide a reference list after your conclusion, using APA referencing style. Please refer to at least 3 journal articles for motivation theories and 2 journal articles for reward and motivation.

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