Public health interventions

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Public health interventions tend to be complex and context dependent. The inherent complexity of a given public health intervention is dependent on the positive health outcomes the program is attempting to measure. The positive health outcomes not only guide the design but also provide the rationale for implementing a given public health policy or intervention. Although public health interventions serve a beneficial purpose, not all programs are effective in promoting positive health outcomes.

For this Discussion, review the media, “Multi-Media PowerPoint on Financing of Public Health Initiatives,” and the Learning Resources. Consider how public health professionals may affect these decisions. Then, examine future financing decisions related to public health policy. In addition, think about how you would justify financing national public health initiatives.

With these thoughts in mind:

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an explanation of how public health professionals may affect future financing decisions related to public health policy. Describe two measures that can be taken to justify the financing of national public health initiatives. Explain why these measures may be important

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