InstructionsThe five major perspectives of modern psychology are important to understand because they are central to other key concepts and theories throughout the course. For example, you will learn about them again in our discussion about personality and psychological disorders. For this assignment, using thePsychological Perspectives Comparison template (Links to an external site.), fill in the table to identify the key people and main ideas, as well as what you find compelling and what you don’t about each of the five major perspectives in psychology.Your chart should:Include at least 2 bullet points in each boxBullet points do not have to be in complete sentences (but should have enough explanation for each point to be clear and understandable)Should be in your own words (don’t just copy/paste from the book or a website – break down the ideas in your own words to explain what these perspectives are all about)Should include a list of references used in APA format following the template (this list should include at minimum your lessons and your textbook).In-text citations are not required (remember, this will be in your own words so don’t copy/paste)Be informed by content from your readings, lessons, and research this week.Nursing