What is Gender Diversity in the Case of FedEx Company?

Worldwide, FedEx has more than 300,000 employees. With all these employees, issues of HR and management can occur. One of the issues that FedEx has faced is gender discrimination and biases. According to EEOC, a percentage of 20% of employees think gender discrimination exists in the organization (EEOC, 2012). Since then, a total of 5% of employees have sued the organization. FedEx is the market leader in its domain, working on various organizational issues against gender discrimination and gender biases. Due to sex discrimination, as indicated by the jury, the ratio of females in FedEx is only 29% compared to men, which is 71%. Since then, employment turnover rate due to gender discrimination has risen to 3% (Carsen, 2019). What is Gender Diversity in the Case of FedEx Company?

Therefore, I am writing this proposal to initiate a project to research further the subject and issue that FedEx is facing regarding gender biases and gender discrimination. We have to explore within the organization to find deep-rooted problems. Additionally, for framing policies, I want to research Labor Organization’s charter for gender discrimination.

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The cases and instances of gender discrimination and gender biases in FedEx are contrary to employee norms and laws. So, it is essential for FedEx and researchers that the rising discrimination should be stopped or minimized so that employees’ rights can be safeguarded. The protection of brand image is also necessary to stay at the top of the market. Gender discrimination for females is on the rise, and their rights are not safeguarded like in the HRM policies of FedEx.


Research Plan

1. FedEx should have to interview 30 employees first that what they know, feel and see about gender discrimination in the organization.

2. After having the data compare it with 3 other organizations, what ratio of employees think that gender discrimination exists in the organization.

3. Questionnaires and surveys should be done on how HR policies and employees’ attitudes contribute to gender discrimination.

4. Frame policies according to the charter of the Labor department of the US and implement them.

Resources and Budget

I will need approximately $8000 to $10000 for the research team to help me conduct surveys and interviews within the organization. Also, I will need around $5000 for the research team to frame the policies. It is expected to take me 3 weeks to complete all the procedures. What is Gender Diversity in the Case of FedEx Company?


FedEx Company should include women in the workforce and allow them to thrive in the market. Equal opportunity in the organization will result in many conflict resolutions and will provide employees’ growth professionally.


Carsen, J. (2019). Jury sides with FedEx in gender bias case


EEOC Women’s Work Group Report. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2021, from https://www.eeoc.gov/federal-sector/reports/eeoc-womens-work-group-report.



The audience and your information should be specific. You should focus on explaining why solving the problem is important for FedEx in the Rationale part. Your argument is not persuasive enough. The research plan is what you would do after getting authorization, thus, you should use “I” instead of “FedEx”. Any resources you will need? The conclusion could be much stronger to convince your audience. What is Gender Diversity in the Case of FedEx Company?