Choose the best answer for each question.

Part 1

  1. Which of the following statements best describes the benefit of gathering background information after you have a specific research topic in mind?
  1. Gathering background information will give you all the information you need to research your topic.
  2. Gathering background information can help you narrow the focus of your topic.
  3. Gathering background information can help you keep track of your research to avoid plagiarizing.
  4. Gathering background information can help you fill in the gaps after you have finished your research to see what you may have missed on the topic.
  5. Boolean operator
  6. search statement
  7. subject heading
  8. search heading
  9. related terms
  10. keywords
  11. Boolean operators
  12. truncation
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  13. Once you have identified the key concepts of a topic or research question and thought of additional keywords (synonyms or related terms), the next step is to use a combination of key concepts and keywords to develop a __________.
  14. Which is a vital component of effective search statements that allows you to combine search terms to broaden or narrow your search?

For questions 4–9, match the appropriate search statement to the types of searches listed below. Type your choice from Column A into the corresponding box in Column B.

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